Building Solutions Together


On the occasion of its first anniversary, T&K Partners announces its three guiding principles described below.

Domestic Practice

M & A / Corporate

In any M&A transaction, both the seller and the buyer have their own objectives. Needless to say, it is important to fulfill these through the implementation of the M&A transaction.


Crisis Management, Responses to Negative Events, and Compliance

The domain of crisis management and response to scandals is broad. With respect to prevention, a three-step sequence is followed. The first step is to discover any problems, the second step is to determine the causes, and the third step is to take remedial measures.


Financial Regulations and Finance

In the domain of the acquisition of permissions and licenses and financial regulations, procedures taken without understanding the latest statutes, their practical implementation by the competent authorities and the appropriate methods of providing explanations to the authorities result in lengthy negotiations with the competent authorities at an unexpected stage and increase the risk of administrative disciplinary action.


Real Estate and J-REIT

Today ’s real estate transactions, such as development, sale and purchase, leasing, management and conflicts, are subject not only to real estate-related laws but also to financial laws and other special laws including the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds.


Business Rehabilitation and Bankruptcy

In the domain of business rehabilitation and bankruptcy, due to the state of urgency, action is always taken in tense circumstances.


Dispute Settlement

We believe that three abilities are essential for winning a dispute. These are, firstly, the ability to discover evidence, facts and other grounds for an argument and select them; secondly, the ability to devise the best legal composition for the argument on the basis of the grounds; and thirdly, the ability to present the argument logically based on the legal composition created.


Labor Law

In the domain of labor laws, it is insufficient to merely check whether the statutory standards have been met. It is also necessary to accurately learn the actual situation of individual workplaces to study the actions to be taken to suit their situation.


Intellectual Property

To settle disputes regarding intellectual property, it is necessary to examine them from different perspectives and work out effective measures for today’s issues such as the prevention of technology leaks and brand protection by closely analyzing the rights infringed and the act of infringement, and by thoroughly understanding the underlying facts.


Inbound Investments to Japan

We have a multicultural team of lawyers who have a wealth of experience overseas and come from Japan, China and the U.S. Upon request, we are able to offer legal advice in the Japanese, English and Chinese languages.


International Practice

International Practice Generally

International Practice Generally In addition to our lawyers who are qualified in Japan, many of whom have extensive experience with international transactions, our team is also strengthened by lawyers who are qualified in overseas jurisdictions, including the US, the PRC,...


Expansion into Overseas Markets / Cross-Border M&A

Expansion into Overseas Markets / Cross-Border M&A Our lawyers have not only trained overseas but have also worked with lawyers locally to jointly assist Japanese companies with cross-border M&A transactions, such as in the formation of subsidiary companies including joint...


International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

These days, more and more cross-border agreements specify arbitration as a means of settling disputes in the event of conflicts with local firms and other entities after entry into overseas markets.


Management of Overseas Subsidiaries

If any overseas subsidiary commits a significant violation of any law or regulation, its parent company in Japan will be severely affected.


People’s Republic of China

Many laws and regulations have recently been revised in China. For example, the procedures for examining foreign invested enterprises have been amended.



The uncertainty in the investment and enforcement regime of Indonesia’s legal system is cited as one of the major obstacles to tap the countries growth opportunity.


Philippine Practice

Philippine Practice In the Philippines, we have encountered numerous instances where Japanese business practices are not readily understood. We have, as a result, become keenly aware of a critical need for our clients to receive relevant advice from trusted legal...


Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia, there are legal risks that are unthinkable in Japan, and plenty of legal systems that are totally different from the Japanese system.


South Asia including India

India has recently been growing at a rapid pace. Under the Modi government, India has embarked on fundamental reforms under the slogan “Make in India”.


Australia Practice

Australia Practice Australia is an industrialized country with a mature legal system across a varied array of sectors. The country’s legal foundation is deeply rooted in the English legal traditions that ensure the operation of a transparent and impartial legal...


Our People

Our moto is to act as “trusted advisors” for a client and placing ourselves in their position at all points in time. This principle enables us to not be removed or clinical from the project which is seldom a practice adopted by conservative legal professionals.