Our Philosophy

On the occasion of its first anniversary, T&K Partners announces its three guiding principles described below.

Solution-oriented legal capability meant to facilitate senior management decision making

Today, globalization is moving at a very rapid pace where businesses are aiming to converge levers to increase revenue and profits.

This necessitates skills involving coordination, collaboration and reconciliation bearing in mind different cultures and value systems. In today’s day and age corporates are not looking for mere legalese or risk matrix from their advisors but there are greater demands to be “solution driven to facilitate deal making”. It is under these circumstances that we as a Firm bring forth our cumulative domestic and international experience to fore to be known as deal making lawyers.

Preventive and Proactive Approach

Our Firm strongly believes in handholding a client at all points in time, this necessarily means that we are not only proactive during a formal engagement but will also look to communicate with a client to highlight risks and pitfalls much before an actual problematic situation arises. This unique capability to be preventive goes a long way to mitigate any situation which is likely to arise in a client’s business or operations.

Partnering as Trusted Advisor

Our moto is to act as “trusted advisors” for a client and placing ourselves in their position at all points in time. This principle enables us to not be removed or clinical from the project which is seldom a practice adopted by conservative legal professionals. It is this dynamic and training which allows us to participate with project teams as true collaborators having a skin in the game. Each one of our lawyers has long standing relations with the entire ecosystem seen in a client’s decision making process.

Our Services

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