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Business Rehabilitation and Bankruptcy

In the domain of business rehabilitation and bankruptcy, due to the state of urgency, action is always taken in tense circumstances. For the company subject to rehabilitation or bankruptcy proceedings, it is essential to carry out a large number of tasks quickly, including day-to-day financing, responses to business partners and consultations with sponsors. For the creditors of the failing company, the biggest goal is to recover debts. Given that there are fierce clashes of interests between creditors, it is imperative to implement the recovery rapidly by taking legal measures such as liquidation, seizure, offset and others. In this area, lawyers for the company and for the creditors need to have practical work experience in a range of situations. Without this, they would be unable to make rapid judgments or decisions, and the incident would remain unaddressed.

Our lawyers are greatly experienced in the tasks for both failing companies and creditors, including bankruptcy trustees’ services and petitions for civil rehabilitation procedures, debt collection from failing companies, various types of seizure and responses to the trustee’s exercise of the right of avoidance. We will offer the most effective and efficient services for consideration of the client’s bankruptcy or rehabilitation or for consultation on business partners’ concerns regarding credit risk. In this domain, speed is the top priority. We will work as one to deal with incidents by combining our extensive knowledge of corporate matters, finance, litigation and other areas.

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