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Business Rehabilitation and Bankruptcy

In the business rehabilitation and bankruptcy practice area, it is normal to find that a quick response is necessary under tension-filled circumstances. Oftentimes, this will be the first time a client is faced with such circumstances, and the unknown can result in increased anxiety. In such situations, the addition of experienced advice on the potential risks and pitfalls and a clear understanding of the procedures to be followed can frequently help to reduce anxiety levels. Our lawyers have such experience and knowledge and are here to help to guide our clients through these proceedings.

For organizations that elect to or are forced to undertake rehabilitation or bankruptcy proceedings, they will quickly be faced with the need to address a large number of tasks, which may include the need to arrange for day-to-day financing, prepare notices and provide responses to business partners and engage in consultations with sponsors. On the other hand, the main focus of creditors of a failing organization will be to recover on any claims that they may have against the failing organization. Given that fierce conflicts of interests exist among creditors, the use available legal procedures (e.g., repayment, seizure, offset and others) to quickly resolve and recover on claims is imperative. In this practice area, lawyers for both sides, the organization and the creditors, need to have a broad range of practical experience to enable them to make rapid judgments and decisions to address the myriad of issues that need to be addressed.

Our lawyers have the knowledge and practical experience needed to address the tasks facing both the failing organizations and their creditors, including, for example, bankruptcy trustee services, petitions for civil rehabilitation and bankruptcy procedures, organization-debt collection procedures, various asset seizure procedures and responses to trustee’s exercise of avoidance-right. We strive to offer the most effective and efficient services for consideration of a client’s rehabilitation or bankruptcy or for consultations on the concerns of business partners regarding credit risk. We recognize that speed is the top priority, and we will work as one to timely deal with each issue by combining our extensive knowledge of rehabilitation and bankruptcy law and other related practice areas, including corporate, finance, dispute resolution and others.

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