Building Solutions Together

T&K Partners is a comprehensive law firm that
combines the power of expert knowledge,
out-of-the-box thinking, and teamwork
to provide the best legal services for our clients.

At T&K Partners, we take pride in working
shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients.
We analyze, discuss, and build with our clients
the best possible solutions to their problems
as members of one team.
We are committed to always being there
for our clients and to continuously support
their growth as their trusted partner.

Our Philosophy

On the occasion of its first anniversary, T&K Partners announces its three guiding principles described below.

Solution-oriented legal capability meant to facilitate senior management decision making

Today, globalization is moving at a very rapid pace where businesses are aiming to converge levers to increase revenue and profits.

This necessitates skills involving coordination, collaboration and reconciliation bearing in mind different cultures and value systems. In today’s day and age corporates are not looking for mere legalese or risk matrix from their advisors but there are greater demands to be “solution driven to facilitate deal making”. It is under these circumstances that we as a Firm bring forth our cumulative domestic and international experience to fore to be known as deal making lawyers.

Preventive and Proactive Approach

Our Firm strongly believes in handholding a client at all points in time, this necessarily means that we are not only proactive during a formal engagement but will also look to communicate with a client to highlight risks and pitfalls much before an actual problematic situation arises. This unique capability to be preventive goes a long way to mitigate any situation which is likely to arise in a client’s business or operations.

Partnering as Trusted Advisor

Our moto is to act as “trusted advisors” for a client and placing ourselves in their position at all points in time. This principle enables us to not be removed or clinical from the project which is seldom a practice adopted by conservative legal professionals. It is this dynamic and training which allows us to participate with project teams as true collaborators having a skin in the game. Each one of our lawyers has long standing relations with the entire ecosystem seen in a client’s decision making process.

Our Practice

In order, to implement guiding principles a team of highly trained legal professionals having a decade of experience abroad as well in Japan have come under one umbrella. Each of the legal attorneys have a diverse background with varied transactional and advisory based skills to augment client delivery.

Sector Specialists for the domestic market

Our Firm believes in sector specialization in line with the demands and rigors of corporate Japan which is highly demarcated in terms of industry and practice group verticals. Our Firm is geared to service corporate clients in Japan who may require advise, among others, for the following matters making it a one-window approach:

  • general corporate legal affairs;
  • mergers and acquisitions;
  • corporate reorganizations;
  • compliance with regulations on fund procurement and finance;
  • settlement of disputes in litigation, arbitration and others;
  • crisis management such as response actions in the wake of scandals;
  • construction of compliance systems;
  • intellectual property rights; and
  • labor-related legislation.

Reach – International Experience supported with a strong overseas network

Our lawyers have significant on-ground local experience of overseas market. This is a key differentiator. Our team members have spent several years in some of the key Asian countries where each of us has the ability to understand situations which are unthinkable or unheard of in Japan. We deliver solutions for the overseas market in conjunction with our trusted advisory network comprising of leading law firms in the Asian market. This communication and rapport with the local law firms helps to smoothen communication and decision making for our Japanese clients.

Staffing of Teams

Our Firm believes in being very cost effective which is achieved by staffing resources which are critical to a project. We would deploy resources depending upon the demands of the assignment to facilitate optimum efficiency and reducing costs. An individual or a team would take full ownership of the assignment which they have been deployed upon. Needless to mention, a Partner would lead all projects.