Basic Policy on Information Security - T&K Partners

Basic Policy on Information Security

Basic Policy on Information Security

T&K Partners (hereinafter “we”, “our” or “us”) recognizes that we are responsible for ensuring information security, and that this responsibility born by us is vitally important in protecting the information assets handled by us. To ensure that all of our personnel (attorneys and non-attorney members as well) understand the value and importance of these information assets, and that these information assets will be protected appropriately from or against various threats surrounding same, we have established this “Basic Policy on Information Security” and will undertake to make further improvements on information security.

  1. Guidelines for action

    In accordance with this Basic Policy on Information Security, we will establish an information security management system and will put proper management of information security in place throughout the entire organization.

  2. Secure management of information assets

    To ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets, we will implement reasonable information security measures and will undertake to safekeep and properly manage information assets.

  3. Compliance with laws and regulations and other applicable requirements

    We comply, and will continue to comply, with all information security-related laws and regulations and contractual obligations as well as other information security requirements applicable to our practice.

  4. Education and training on information security

    We will educate all personnel (attorneys and non-attorney members as well) on information security to ensure that they are aware that the proper handling of information assets is an important social responsibility and that they perform their work-related duties.

  5. Continuous improvement

    We will constantly review our information security-related practices and are committed to continually seek to improve them.

Takayuki Tsukasaki
Attorney-at-Law Representing the Firm
T&K Partners

Acquisition of ISMS certification

As part of our action plan to protect information security, T&K Partners acquired the “ISO/IEC 27001:2022 / JIS Q 27001:2023” certification, which is the latest international standard for information security management systems (ISMS: Information Security Management System).

ISO 27001認証ロゴ

IS 783324 / ISO 27001

For the registered details of the certification above, please refer to the following (external site).