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People’s Republic of China

Many laws and regulations have recently been revised in the PRC as a result of the recent relaxation of review procedures for foreign-invested companies. The establishment of such enterprises now requires notification. There have been many unexpected sudden changes to more stringently implement various regulations. For these reasons, Japanese companies entering the Chinese market need to ensure that they remain constantly up to date regarding these major regulatory challenges in accordance with not only legal but market practices.

Our lawyers have worked for major law firms based in Beijing and Shanghai for nearly four years and are familiar with the latest laws and regulations. We also maintain personal connections with specialists at leading law firms. We offer comprehensive legal services for investment and entry strategy from the PRC into Japan and for exit from the PRC by liquidation or sale, including responding to special situations. Through the use of close networks with local lawyers, we will form optimal teams including local lawyers if necessary to provide advice on the best practical approach.

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