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Australia is an industrialized country with a mature legal system across a varied array of sectors. The country’s legal foundation is deeply rooted in the English legal traditions that ensure the operation of a transparent and impartial legal system, which has encouraged numerous international companies, including those from Japan, to enter the Australian market. On the other hand, Australia has adopted a legal system similar to the US, which is governed by federal laws and state laws. It is, therefore, necessary to be aware of the differences between the two levels of laws as well as to accurately understand and apply their finely-structured legal system (both the statutes and case law) in each area of the law. The Australian Companies Act, for example, is a federal law and applies uniformly throughout Australia. Property law, on the other hand, is governed by state laws, which vary from state to state and require legal practitioners to reference the relevant property law of the state in which a property is located.

We have a team of Japanese lawyers who have resided in Australia for many years. These lawyers have specialized in particular areas of Australian law at Australian law schools and have practiced law at local Australian law firms. We have also established a network of local lawyers from among several leading Australian law firms and have gained extensive experience working in Australian law for our clients on a wide range of matters. We are confident that our in-depth knowledge of Australian law and practice, which is not found in any other law firm in Japan, enables us to provide the best possible legal service to our Japanese corporate clients who desire to expand their business opportunities in Australia.

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