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Financial Regulations and Finance

In the domain of the acquisition of permissions and licenses and financial regulations, procedures taken without understanding the latest statutes, their practical implementation by the competent authorities and the appropriate methods of providing explanations to the authorities result in lengthy negotiations with the competent authorities at an unexpected stage and increase the risk of administrative disciplinary action. Our lawyers, who have abundant hands-on experience and are familiar with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other financial control laws, the Real Estate Brokerage Act and other regulations related to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, will take the lead in fund structuring and the acquisition of permissions and licenses.

At the time of preparing for the inspection of a financial services provider and an equivalent party, or in the event of any scandal or incident, the subsequent actions of the competent authorities depend heavily on the details of the initial report provided to them. We have an extensive track record in dealing with cases. We will offer services such as an emergency response, an analysis of the causes, the formulation of recurrence prevention measures, and an overall response to the authorities during all phases including the initial response, the preparation of reports to be provided to the authorities, the development of a manual and the organization of workshops.

In addition, our services will fully cover a range of financial transactions including banking, privately placed bonds, guaranteed bonds, the liquidation of various types of loans, collateralized bond obligations (CBOs) and other structured finance .

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