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Expansion into Overseas Markets / Cross-Border M&A

Our lawyers have not only trained overseas but have also worked with lawyers locally to jointly assist Japanese companies with cross-border M&A transactions, such as in the formation of subsidiary companies including joint ventures, branch offices and representative offices, and in the selection of agents, as well as all other forms of overseas expansion of Japanese companies. We are able to assist our clients with expanding their business outside of Japan and to do so in the most efficient manner, as we are able to anticipate issues and problem areas in advance and provide possible solutions through our years of experience in facing and resolving various local challenges.

In cross-border M&A, in addition to having extensive experience in M&A transactions, we believe that providing expert knowledge of the legal systems and customs of the relevant country of a target company is essential. Our lawyers have extensive experience in M&A in Japan and have several years of experience in cross-border M&A transactions at international law firms. Our team can lead your case in all phases of an M&A transaction—from structuring a transaction in light of foreign investment regulations, investigating legal risks (due diligence) of an integration or acquisition target, supervising local lawyers, drafting relevant contracts, and negotiating with a foreign counterparty to executing a transaction in accordance with local legal procedures in order to find the best solution for our clients.In addition, we are able to assist you with your M&A transaction by selecting and collaborating with the best lawyers with the specific expertise you will need from our network of local lawyers, which we have developed from our experiences in M&A transactions in various countries.

Furthermore, Japanese companies that may wish to form joint ventures with local companies in overseas expansion/cross-border M&A transactions need to be aware of foreign investment restrictions and other legal regulations and the need to build a relationship with local authorities and business partners. We have extensive experience with numerous joint venture matters in a variety of countries, and we are able to provide our clients with full support for their joint venture needs—from the examination of the structure of the joint venture to the negotiation and conclusion of a joint venture agreement—all the while keeping in sight all of the possible related steps from the formation to the dissolution of the joint venture.

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