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In the Philippines, we have encountered numerous instances where Japanese business practices are not readily understood. We have, as a result, become keenly aware of a critical need for our clients to receive relevant advice from trusted legal experts with extensive local experience in the Philippines in order to resolve legal issues there promptly and appropriately. We are pioneers among Japanese lawyers in providing our Japanese clients with local legal support in the Philippines as we have worked closely with local law firms since 2013 and have been instrumental in providing our Japanese corporate clients with local legal services in matters related to M&A, company formation, project finance, competition law, employment/labor law (dismissals, employee misconduct, etc.), dispute resolution, and other legal issues they have experienced in the Philippines. We have a team of Japanese lawyers who have extensive knowledge and experience in the Philippines and a network of local lawyers who are highly recognized in their respective fields. This combination allows us to provide our clients with a one-stop firm for legal services in the Philippines.

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