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International Practice Generally

In addition to our lawyers who are qualified in Japan, many of whom have extensive experience with international transactions, our team is also strengthened by lawyers who are qualified in overseas jurisdictions, including the US, China, and Australia, to name a few. We aim to provide the best possible legal service available on international matters, regardless of the country or sector, by supplementing our internal team of lawyers with lawyers from our unrivaled network of lawyers in other countries with whom we have had multiple occasions to work with in the past. However, for international matters, we do not merely aim to act as a bridge between our clients and local lawyers. Even where the interpretation of local law is involved, we work to establish our own objectives to meet the specific desires of the client on any given case, and we will work with our network of local lawyers to ensure to the greatest extent possible that we achieve the optimal solution for our clients. This may require us to reject an interpretation of local law provided at face value and to undertake further analysis with local lawyers to find such optimal solution. Again, our history with our network of local lawyers, allows us the freedom to push them to reach the desired objective. We aspire to be the best partner for our clients with whom they will feel free to consult with first on any matters regardless of where the client is from, where the problem may arise or in which sector it may belong.

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