Labor Laws

In the domain of labor laws, it is insufficient to merely check whether the statutory standards have been met. It is also necessary to accurately learn the actual situation of individual workplaces to study the actions to be taken to suit their situation. In the event of a dispute, it is necessary not merely to sort it out but to achieve resolution in consideration of its subsequent ripple effects and the interests of the entire company after gaining a detailed understanding of the facts.

We have lawyers with considerable experience in a range of labor issues. They will offer appropriate advice based on the actual situation of the client and help the client to settle the dispute in an appropriate manner.

Advice on labor laws

Formulation and revision of office rules, creation of employment contracts, disciplinary action and dismissal (reduction in force), responses to harassment, industrial accidents, non-compete obligations after resignation, etc.

Labor disputes

Civil lawsuits, provisional dispositions, labor tribunal decisions, relief procedures by the Labor Relations Commissions, negotiations with the parties concerned, responses to labor unions (including traditional disputes triggered by disciplinary action, dismissal, personnel transfer and failure to pay overtime allowances, and disputes concerned with relatively new issues, such as mental health and harassment).