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Intellectual Property

Our lawyers possess a high level of expertise and a great deal of experience in handling intellectual property matters. Our advice is derived from lessons learned from our past experiences and focuses on the prevention of conflicts. However, if a dispute arises, we are ready to assist our clients to work toward achieving appropriate resolutions. Examples of some of the types of intellectual property matters that we have assisted on are as follows:

  • Transactional matters such as the preparation, negotiation and enforcement of license agreements, joint research and development agreements, etc.
  • Dispute resolution matters regarding, for example, the infringement of domestic and international patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, copyrights, publicity rights and other intellectual property rights, and violations of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act of Japan. To resolve intellectual property disputes, an examination of the relevant legal issues must be undertaken from different perspectives, including the rights of the owner or licensor of the intellectual property and the actions of the infringing party. A thorough examination must also be made of the underlying facts, including, among others, the existence of prior art or designs and any rights held by the infringing party. Based on these examinations of the law and facts, an appropriate resolution of the issue at hand will be sought. Resolutions to effectively resolve the dispute may include the prevention of technology leaks and brand protection measures.
  • Eradication of counterfeit and pirated products in Japan and overseas. In Japan, criminal procedures and customs procedures are used, and outside Japan, administrative procedures and criminal procedures in the relevant country can be initiated with the help of our international network of lawyers.

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