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The uncertainty in the investment and enforcement regime of Indonesia’s legal system is cited as one of the major obstacles to tapping that country’s growth opportunities. There is a plethora of legal issues that cannot be handled without the appropriate experience. One of our lawyers was stationed at a local law firm in the year 2009 and thereafter started to work for one of the largest law firms in the country in 2013. He cultivated his expertise by handling complex matters for Japanese companies in Indonesia. Some of our lawyers have extensive experience in matters related to Indonesia. Our lawyers managed cases involving various legal issues faced by Japanese companies based in Indonesia ranging from M&A, formation and withdrawal from joint ventures, property development, infringement of intellectual property rights, negotiations with local authorities such as the Financial Services Agency, Fair Trade Commission, Investment Coordination Agency, labor authorities, and tax authorities to labor-related matters including employee misconduct, strikes, and dismissals, among others. Our lawyers have also handled matters related to bankruptcy, bribery, and investigations by the Fair Trade Commission and other authorities, tax, as well as various lawsuits involving civil, criminal, labor, tax, and other matters. In Indonesia, clients face challenges in selecting lawyers. As with other jurisdictions, we offer one-stop services to Japanese companies through local collaborations to select the most appropriate lawyer qualified in Indonesia based on the needs of our clients.

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