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Real Estate and J-REIT

Clients, today, that are involved in transactions or matters related to real estate in Japan, such as development, sale and purchase, leasing, management and dispute resolution, are subject not only to real estate-related laws but are also subject to finance-related laws and other special laws, including the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds of Japan (anti-money laundering; know-your-customer). Accordingly, effective representation in a matter involving real estate in Japan needs to be handled by experienced lawyers who are fully cognizant of and familiar with the latest applicable laws and regulations and the practical application of such laws and regulations. Our team of real estate law professionals have proven track records of success and advanced expertise in matters involving Japanese real estate investment trusts (“J-REIT”), Japanese special purpose companies (tokumei mokuteki kaisha (“TMK”)) and real estate funds, for which real estate-related and finance-related laws and regulations are intricately interwoven. We are experienced and possess an in-depth understanding of these laws and regulations and have extensive experience providing assistance with real estate matters including, for example, the formation of investment funds, the acquisition of property, fund procurement, the acquisition of governmental authorizations, the establishment of relevant investment vehicle companies, borrowing, the issuance of securities and compliance with stock listing procedures, and the construction of a compliance structure for the operation of the relevant business.

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