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Real Estate and J-REIT

Today ’s real estate transactions, such as development, sale and purchase, leasing, management and conflicts, are subject not only to real estate-related laws but also to financial laws and other special laws including the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds. Accordingly, related cases must be dealt with by lawyers who are fully aware of traditional cases and the latest laws, ordinances and practical work using their experience and expertise. We have lawyers with proven track records and advanced expertise in incidents involving J-REIT, TMK and real estate funds, concerning which real estate regulations and finance-related legislation are intricately interwoven. They will provide assistance with real estate matters in terms of the formation of real estate investment funds, the acquisition of property, fund procurement, the acquisition of permissions, the establishment of a vehicle company, borrowing, the issuance of securities and stock listing procedures as well as in the construction of a compliance structure for business operation.

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