Management of Overseas Subsidiaries

If any overseas subsidiary commits a significant violation of any law or regulation, its parent company in Japan will be severely affected. Even so, there are still a very limited number of Japanese firms that manage to sufficiently address the compliance issues of their overseas subsidiaries. These days, in particular, it is increasingly necessary to pay attention to anti-trust, anti-corruption and other laws in different countries under which sanctions are toughened. This is a vital task for businesses with overseas operations.

With considerable experience being stationed at overseas law firms and being seconded to legal departments of overseas subsidiaries of leading Japanese companies, our lawyers have always given thought to the most appropriate governance structure and compliance system and have offered advice in accordance with the circumstances surrounding individual clients. On the basis of their experience, we work together with local non-Japanese lawyers to conduct internal audits of overseas subsidiaries, to propose remedial and recurrence prevention measures against specific problems discovered and to offer advice on the compliance systems in line with the head offices based out of Japan.